Take Your Tire Shop to the Next Level: Part One

Some of the most exciting moments you can experience as a tire or body shop owner are the moments when you realize that you have the opportunity to keep growing your business. When you succeed, you get to keep succeeding. In this blog entry, we will discuss a few strategies that could help you further…read more

How to Find the Right Automotive Spray Booth

  Is your auto paint shop ready to expand? Do you need to replace an older spray booth? While these kinds of questions can lead to a lot of frustration and time spent trying to find the best deals on a new spray booth, the search for a new paint booth doesn’t have to be…read more

Help Your Clients With the Right Body Shop Equipment

At Chassis Liner Supply, we are dedicated to helping body, auto paint, and frame repair shops across the country improve their bottom line with the best body shop equipment available on today’s market. While we know how important it is to make your shop more and more efficient and cost-effective, it is important not to…read more

How to Make Your Body and Paint Shop Stand Out: Part Two

In our last blog entry, we discussed a few ways that you can help your paint and body shop stand out from your competition. While the last entry was focused on methods of ensuring that your work was doing everything possible to keep your customers happy, in today’s installment, we will focus on ways that…read more

How to Make Your Body and Paint Shop Stand Out: Part One

Owning any business can be tough. In addition to keeping your work on schedule and making sure your clients are happy, you also have to stay ahead of your competition. When you own a paint or body shop, these factors can be even more difficult to get the hang of considering how much work is…read more

Tips for Buying New Body Shop Equipment

Trying to find the best possible equipment for any business is difficult, and it is even harder when you are searching for machinery that is as large, heavy, and complicated as body shop equipment. If you are expanding your current shop or you are opening a new body or paint shop, there is one name…read more

Choosing the Best Paint Shop Equipment

A good workstation is an invaluable addition to your paint shop. Without a dedicated area for sanding and priming, you run the risk of contaminating other parts of your shop, which could have costly consequences. The GFS Workstation is an incredibly flexible option that allows you to keep the messy work of sanding, priming, and…read more